There are so many ways to measure a love
As real and complete as the one we both share
An abundance of units and terms to describe
The levels and degrees to which I care

I love you with the weight of all the oceans
Their waters piled up high upon my heart
I knew that the strength of their current
Would be ours to bear from the start

I love you with the heat of the earth’s sun
Scorching through my body for all of our days
As your simple yet indescribable beauty
Is highlighted by its far reaching rays

I love you in all measurable dimensions
To the height of the tallest mountain top
And the width of the earth end to end
Though there are no numbers at which it will stop

I love you with the volume of all the galaxies beyond
Which we can never measure and we’ll never see
The space in which our love’s potential has
To grow infinitely and always be

I love you in a way which time cannot capture
My heart growing fonder every second, minute and hour
Even strength cannot accurately portray
The way, each day, my love increases in its power

I love you with all the energy that flows
Through the world that remains always in our hands
I look up to the sky each day and say thanks
To the factors at work which gave us this chance

There are loves both weak and strong in this life
But ours seems to break any conceivable mould
Nothing can truly measure the depth of this love
Between our old souls, you and I, all told