World of you


My wish for you is only what you’ve done for me
To clear the impure thoughts from mind
Wipe clean memories of insecurity
Silence words of haunting voices for good
Watch as it all melts into droplets crystal clear
Dissipating as they spiral away
Believe me now that this is my one intention
To love you in a way you’ve never known

I’d build a perfect world made all from parts of you
The air filled with particles of your presence
Earth composed of the minerals in your blood
Water crisp and fresh, rippling smooth like your hair
Wind blows carrying wishes of your lashes
I’d catch each one of them and only hope
One day you’ll know me the way I really am
While I peer in puddles bright blue to see my way

Doubt appears only in the darkest places
Ours shall never be anything but bright
Even dimly lit will not do as the chance remains
You may not see what’s true without the sun
Never think twice that it shines on you
With the fire in your soul, I made it so
Though you may believe I see you differently
I’ve drawn up this world of you long ago

In my schematics we stand together
Witnessing everything I love around us
Enveloping us in morning dew
Made of long lost tears we saved
Our world would be perfect in its faults
But not one fault made of any parts of your skin
As every bit remains perfect to my eyes
Designed just as my daydreams showed

On days, and only for a moment, it may be so
My words to you will struggle in their clarity
Hold these times against me, if you must
For as long as I’d hold your body against mine
Just remember that my world is clearer than my voice
You are the materials I longed to discover
Any thought different is simply untrue
See this place for what it is; what I want to love forever

Before we met, the curves of our world were just so
Every contour of yours delicately drawn at scale
Some of those tears saved will be yours but also mine
For you don’t believe I’d imagine it as it is
No matter what your perceptions of my arrangement
Never will I cease to show you the beauty of the hills
Or the pleasantry of the valleys brushed with green
They were conceived from you after all

Our world will exist as our love will too, if you let it
Some days it will rain, and maybe it will for weeks
Others, the heat will seep through to our bones
Each passing moment different than the next
Regardless, I’d like you to remember my words today
Not yesterday, but what spills from my head right now
I’d change nothing of the trees short or tall
Of the oceans vast or the rivers small

There’s a reason I’d design this world of you
One day, our bodies long gone, it will remain
Turned to dust beneath the ground
Maybe drifting in the water or the air
But never would I allow our souls to return
To a place which was not made of the best parts I’ve seen
And I do this all for them so that they can experience
The moments I fell in love with you over and over again


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