It’s not that he couldn’t do without her, it’s that the lack of her would be doing a disservice to the entire idea of what it is to be human; to respect and identify with another person completely in this world that most often omits any semblance of sense, and to give yourself the chance of making your one and only life in this body worth something more. It’s possible that’s too much or even not enough but he figured there had to be a reason he thought of her in a way he did for no one else before. The questioning of his worth crippled him in ways and desperately he sought a sign that he was on the right track as much as he thought he was. The stars seemed to agree with his heart but only the stars in her eyes and the feeling in her heart would be the ultimate variables. Right now he’d have to make do with dampened footsteps and the faint buzzing of a dimmed light to read his words. Frankly, he wasn’t even satisfied with his own words tonight.

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