I see your face on the cover
Gloss paint your lips like a lover
Hot blood starts flooding into memories

What you said still haunts like a melody

Those times they shine like diamonds
Shoot up this love affair
White lies like knives in a poison heart

I keep running but I never seem to lose the dark

Why don’t you go and break the heart of me
Just take another little part of me
Why don’t you go and take the heart of me
I tell myself it’s just the start of me

Don’t let go and slip down into the deep
I’ll hold you up but it’s harder and harder to see
Down here, where the light fades
The sound of our loving is swallowed inside, there’s nowhere to hide

Who is there for love to send?
Never live for pain, you said
So why are we trapped in the slipstream of me?
We both can’t tread water

There’s more to this than can ever be the truth
Steel blue on my lips and the taste, the taste of you
Like ribbons round my neck, the tie tightens, the dark lightens
But I won’t leave, I won’t let go, you’re all I’ve ever known

Who is there for love to send?
Never live for pain, you said
So why are we trapped in the slipstream of me?
We both can’t tread water

You’re drowning in me
And you’re pulling me, pulling me down
The water is rising
Rising up in me
And I can’t look away
And I can’t breathe
It’s all disappearing, it’s all slowly sinking
And I just need to leave

Find myself picking up the pieces of me that you discarded
So, this is what they talk about when they say, ‘broken hearted’
Thought I was a together kind of person, the type who had a handle
As fate would have it I’m exploding like a roman candle.

And it’s pretty in the sky
Such a beautiful way to die
But I want my sparkle back
Why does it always fade to black?

RIP 143 – August 2014 Mix


Download link (right click and save as)

01/ Stranjah – Prominence VIP – 117
02/ S.P.Y. – Cold Harsh Air (feat. Total Science & Grimm) – Hospital
03/ Rene LaVice – Tap Dat – Ram
04/ Chase & Status – Is It Worth It – Ram
05/ Lung – Starving Artiste – Med School
06/ Etherwood – Shattered (feat. Nu:Tone) – Med School
07/ Etherwood – Begin By Letting Go – Med School
08/ Machinedrum – Gunshotta – Ninja Tune
09/ Homemade Weapons – After Dark (feat. Collinjah) – Samurai
10/ Mefjus – Dissuade – Critical
11/ Sam Binga – AYO (feat. Redders) – Critical
12/ NC-17 – Soldiers – Mainframe
13/ Mutt – Conversations (Rene LaVice & Gremlinz remix) – C.I.A.
14/ Calibre – Start Again (feat. Chimpo) – Signature
15/ Stray – Dropping Bombs – Exit
16/ Mob Tactics – Unbalanced – C4C
17/ Loadstar – Stepped Outside – Ram
18/ Break – Moving On – Horizons
19/ Ill Skillz – Black Rabbit – Critical
20/ Villem – Shimmer – Med School
21/ Enei – Ten Years – Critical
22/ Break – Trying – Shogun Audio
23/ Ill Skillz – Forgive Myself (remix) – Critical
24/ Rockwell – Detroit – Shogun Audio
25/ Nu:Logic – Shoot Me Down (feat. Robert Manos) – Hospital
26/ Bungle – Human Poison – Critical
27/ DRS – Bun Ya (feat. Dub Phizix, Strategy, Fox, Skittles, Chimp, Konny Kon & T- Man) – Soul:R
28/ Keeno – Nocturne – Med School
29/ Anders – I Wish [You Were Mine] (Kun remix) – Free release