I & I become We


Weathered hearts are all the same
Cautious as they see one kindred
Oft it happens they collide unknowing
At special times they fight to be

Debate the chance that you see I
As plentiful a heart as I see you
Restricted by the thoughts of words
Their meanings are misconstrued

These feelings do not need letters
Or paragraphs brimming with the like
But souls push bodies to vocalize
Despite the tarnished ones lurking in sight

Iubi, I know you’ve called for me
In thoughts which to you were plain
As fast as our love appears to grow
Hearts tampered-with detest pain

But at some point it becomes too much
To ignore the urge to speak in tongue
Right before hearts give up
Familiar souls will intervene

My I looks deep to the eyes of its old
Against the providence within
Fights back against the will of trepidation
To ignore otherwise is the highest degree of sin

Cut through the fog that masks this love
Just know our souls have been here before
It’s never easy for them to reunite
But years upon years they never flee

Us two have found their new beginning
Their love will never be stymied
Contentment creates their new bodies
As they’ve led I & I to become We