Temporary blindness


Sometimes the light turns on suddenly and you’re not ready, eyes adjusting slowly while you try to bring your surroundings into focus.  For a few minutes you’re not sure where you are and often that can last longer than you’d want.  Tentatively, you use the walls as your guidance but that doesn’t always keep you from bumping into corners.  True love, you turned on the light for me unexpectedly and maybe I wasn’t ready for the world of brightness that would ensue but having been in the dark for so long I don’t want to go back.  Illumination, I didn’t think I deserved you and it’s hard to believe you can exist in my life.  Peace, you are within my grasp and though I don’t pay mind to you in the ways you always deserve, I know now that you’re meant to be here. Light, please don’t grow tired of my temporary blindness… just give me time to wipe the sleep from my eyes.


Souls apart


As if the world was opening up in front of me, every breath I take of the air you breathe brings me closer to falling into you.  I endure your radiation, feel your heartbeat against my chest and taste your flavour at the tip of my tongue yet just far enough away to keep me coming back.  Through a layer only so thick, I enjoy your warmth and it’s everything I can do to stop from taking you for myself at every second.  The soft words in my ear, the sounds of an angel’s pitch whenever I press against or touch you just close enough, the way you purse your lips while saying words I can’t understand but am desperate to hear for eternity; all make it more difficult for me to resist moving beyond tracing hearts on your thigh and writing words with our lips together.  Your dulcitude no doubt goes deeper than the candied aroma of your skin and with each passing day I get closer to boring a hole in your soul to bury mine deep within so the two can become familiar once more.  Stay with me.. be mine, not as my possession but as my extension to which I’ll pay careful attention and will never leave vanquished again. ❤










Phrases with little meaning otherwise
grace the empty pages of a notebook
meant to contain the answer to
a tactility you can’t quite pin down.
Each word restrictedly represents
just one segment of the overall image
that you try to construct using your soul
as the palette and your hand as the brush.
What then does the colour of your eyes
contribute as you splash their pigment
onto factions of letters arbitrarily
arranged but perfectly crafted?
Blood leaves your heart and travels
through your body to find its destination,
ultimately in the tips of your fingers
to travel through mine
and onto the page as ink.


The world when you’re in love


I had a dream the other night
evidently meant to provide some insight,
even light, on this fight between self and I.

We fly through vines of green that glisten
with tear drops shed each time my heart breaks
We stare into the light from the yellow sun
to see how long repression takes
We kiss to heal the wounds
I’ve felt for way too long
A warm embrace between us
to discover what really is right or wrong
But all along, what’s going on seems simply
a mere fabrication of a dedicated romantic’s mind
But that’s a lie, I’m really waiting for a sign
from you, it seems, your eyes do gleam
like happiness I’ve never seen
At least happiness it what it seems to be
but for me to recognize and see
I would have to have been in love
or so it seems.

Beside you


Why didn’t I wake up next to you today?
Sun’s rays overshadowed by a silent face
Your eyes closed, your mind engaged
Eyelids fluttering while in a distant place
I’d kiss your hand soft enough not to wake
But just close enough to get a taste
Of the nectarous flavour I crave all day
And long for every time you’re away
A cat curled up in the curves of your leg
I’d watch as you slowly found your way
From a world of dreams to a room so grey
Though not for long do the colours stay
Locked inside your eyes and away from me
As your body twitches and you start to see
Maybe just a bit but not so clearly
That my dreams have already come to be ❤

One true


Ever since the day we met
my heart I’ve felt it has been set
upon a girl whose eyes glow deep
and shows a love that seems to seep
inside my wounds and heal the scars
that your love has turned to stars
two souls become one as we connect
two lives that only each can affect
a promise sealed with just one kiss
you’re right here but still I miss
that taste of your lips, smell of your skin
make me wonder where you’ve been
all my life ’cause it’s not fair
that no one else has ever cared
the way you do about me now
I couldn’t bare for you to drown
into the depths of sorrow’s grip
but still I feel that you could slip
away from me ’cause I’m just scared
of violent winds I’ve braved and faired
all my life I’ve waited for bliss
my mind set straight to reminisce
I’ve loved you before I even set eyes
upon your soul sent down from skies
that promised me some hope one day
there was never anything I could do or say
to rush you here, today, with me
the kindred souls we’ve come to be
this life I’ve led has changed so much
the agony has been as such
to make me glad I’ve been so sad
’cause in my heart, you’re the only love I’ve had.


Dear readers,

My old friend Noah Gano has released a photo-illustrated poetry collection which I’ve found to be quite good.  Noah is an up and coming Toronto artist with immense talent and if you have the time I’d recommend checking out this recent project to discover more about what he does.  To donate and download, please visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

Thanks – DSF